Well, as you already know, my name is Larry. I am a first year student at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. I am originally from Camarillo, CA, which is located approximately one hour northwest of Los Angeles and 45 minutes southeast of Santa Barbara. My high school years were spent at The Thacher School , a college-prep school in Ojai, CA. I will admit that so far the best four years of my life were spent at The Thacher School. Looks like I am stuck at Whitman for the next four years.

One of my most recent works was a shared project with Brady Huang. At the end of our senior year, we were required to do a senior exhibition. The theory behind the senior exhibition is that it is supposed to be the culminating academic experience for the graduating senior. For many, it was nightmare. Countless numbers of hours were spent trying to create this "culminating experience." Well, enough bitching and moaning. Check out our Senior Exhibition. This site is designed to provide Thacher students with a starting point in researching materials on the Internet (World Wide Web, Gopher, USENET) without having to spend extra time using search engin es and to help avoid dead end searches. This is also a great place for beginning Internet researchers to find useful materials with as little confusion as possible. What you see here is about half a school year's worth of searching, programming, and designing. We evaluated various sites, implemented the URL's into our HTML documents, dealt with many design issues (even of the HTML code as well), and created some of the featured artwork. I believe that a senior this year has undertaken the task of continuing this never ending project of providing and updating new links.


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Changes last made June 9 1997
Original artwork by Cindy Liu, CdeP '98